24 books to read in 2022

Adriaan Kolff
9 min readFeb 1, 2022

The best books to read in 2022. Personal favorites recommended by a curated list of entrepreneurs, business people, artists, professional athletes, creatives, family and friends.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before her dies…”

In no particular order twenty four books to read in 2022.

1. The Origin of Wealth by Eric D. Beinhocker

The Origin of Wealth applies evolutionary theory to the world of economics. It’s a complete reframe on classic evolutionary theory. It both tells the story of how the science of economics took a wrong turn and developed a set of theories that are impressively limited, if not completely wrong, as seen by their consistent inability to make accurate predictions. The book also takes you on a journey through the work that’s been done to develop the modern economic theories that currently encompass the field of “Complexity Economics”, the modern alternative to classic economic theory.

Recommended by: Eugene Hawkins

2. How To Avoid A Climate Disaster by Bill Gates

Super important, realistic but also optimistic book about the climate crisis and how we as humanity can still limit the damage.



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